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Subwoofer Surround System Project
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Subwoofer Surround System Project
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Building Apps Project

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DIY Subwoofer Sound System

How to build a simple surround system for your home, tailgating, or even to play video games on. All links are included as well as prices. This project takes roughly one week to create and build and install. Painting is an option that might also take longer. Depending on the speakers and subwoofer(if installed) can be up to 90db(decibles). This is as loud as a motorcycle at 25 feet away or a Boeing 737 aircraft at 6000ft away. Overall, depending on the speakers this system can be heard from many blocks away clearly without distortion. This project is for ages 15+.

Build Your Own Apps

This may take a year depending on your skills to learn and how much you practice. There are programs to help learn faster or create apps faster. For a price of $25 for the Android development license and/or $99 for the Apple licenses that include programming for the apple watch, macOS, IOS, and many more for one year. These can be purchased for money or free depending on your preference and could include ads for more of a profit. This project is for ages 10+. This project also costs at least $25 and if you want to delvelop for Apple, you need a Macbook.