LED Cylinder Controller

Difficulty: Hard



Create a beautifully made LED Cylinder which can be controller by another custom made remote controller. This uses Radio Frequency to communicate codes to two Arduino Nanos. It currently has 48 different colors and animations. The user can also create a custom color by controlling the RGB values with the remote. This project would be a great place for a desk at work!

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There are two parts of wiring - The Remote and then the LED Cylinder. In regards to the Cylinder, connecting the NRF20L01 to the Arduino will be the same process as the Remote Controller. First, add a switch to the positive after the three AA batteries that are in series. After the switch, connect the wires to the LED Strip and the Arduino Nano. Then connect the ground of the batteries to the ground on the LED Strip and the Arduino Nano. From the Arduino, pin D3 will connect to the Din of the LED strip to control it. On the NRF24L01, the bottom left pin is ground which needs to be connected to the Arduino Nano. Next, connect the 3v3 pin on the Arduino to the top left pin of the NRF24L01. Finally, The 2nd pin gets set to D9, 3rd pin to D11. 6th pin to D10, 7th pin to D13, and 8th pin to D12. Now the Cylinder is set up correctly. Moving onto the LED Controller, connect the NRF24L01 the same way as the Cylinder. Connect the battery similar as well. For the switches, connect the power wire from the battery and switch to the 6 buttons. Each button will have a 20 ohm resistor between them. This is so we can detect the differentiating voltage between each press. All of the button presses will go to the Arduino on pin A0, Connect the end of the power to the LED and use the correct resistor depending on the LED used. The power for the LED will then be connected to pin 3 and finally connect the ground to the ground of the Arduino.

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