Orange Box

Difficulty: Medium



Bring out this speaker box for house parties and watch the LED light show happen. Plug it into a wall and theres no need to worry about battery life. There are 5 LED strips that connect to seperate pins on the Arduino Nano which allows each one to be individually controlled by my custom iPhone app. The LEDs can also flash to the beat using a sound sensitive microphone which is attached to the A0 pin on the Arduino.

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The Tower

A great box to host house parties with. This box never fails to create clear vocals and a deep bass for parties.


Test your building skills with this design. After creating one 10" and 8" hole for the two speakers, use fiberglass to finish off the body with a nice spraypaint job.

The Party Box

This speaker system is perfect for tailgating and can be heard clearly from over a football field away. It's impressive sound quallity and the LEDs will be eye opening for everyone.